Upstream Pigging

The Fiberbuilt pigging platform provides a high performance pigging solutions for all aspects of upstream maintenance pigging.  Our upstream pigging products cover many aspects of maintenance pigging activities from routine cleaning, pigging to maintain gathering system pressure and flow capabilities, specialized corrosion pit cleaning, gas line dewatering, corrosion inhibitor batching and all of your dual and multi-diameter pigging requirements.  The Fiberbuilt range of pigging products is capable of high temperature and severe chemical service including H2S, CO2, H2, Bitumen, Diluent, sand and solids, Aromatics; virtually any upstream oil and gas effluent.

The patent pending Fiberbuilt composite seal provides a pigging seal with the lowest drag and differential pressure available today.  In upstream gathering systems, reducing the pressure required to pig means that pigging pressures will not lead to increased gathering system line pressures.  Reduced pressure differential pigging systems allows our upstream customers to pig more often and more effectively for gathering system maintenance.  A properly maintained gathering system ensures that oil and gas field production and uptime is maximized.