Pencil Brushes

Fiberbuilt produces the world’s best MFL pencil brush. This is achieved by not bending wires and by not using any solder, which takes up space within the sleeve. As such, Fiberbuilt Manufacturing MFL pencil brushes have higher densities and higher pullout strengths.

Fiberbuilt’s patented pencil brush technology allows for no blooming or flaring of the brush tuft and the wires do not require grinding or heat distortion, which changes the specified properties used in soldering or other pencil brush construction methods. The Fiberbuilt patented pencil brush is encased in an open-sleeve design, so wires are in direct contact with the MFL tools rare earth magnets allowing for perfect magnetic connectivity.

MFL pencil brushes are very versatile and strong brushes for MFL pipeline inspections. Densely packed, a MFL pencil brush is available in custom lengths, end-fitting diameters, and can be filled with a variety of wire types and diameters.

Looking for a custom MFL pencil brush? Contact us today and we would be happy to help!