Inline Inspection Brushes

Fiberbuilt Inline Inspection (ILI) Brushes have 200% greater retention strength that competitors and the patented Fiberbuilt ILI brushes provide wire contact flush to the substrate for the most efficient contact and magnetic field transfer for Magnetic Flux leakage (MFL) Brushes. Fiberbuilt specializes in collaborative engineering for the development of brushes that will suite your exact requirements.

Repeatable consistent manufacturing is what you get from Fiberbuilt ensuring reliable data acquisition year after year.

Fiberbuilt has a variety of In Line Inspection (ILI) brushes that made using different construction methods. We can provide an ILI brush for every tool.

Pencil Brushes

The Fiberbuilt patented open sleeve pencil brushes are made specifically for maximum effectiveness and strength for Inline Inspection (ILI) and Magnetic Flux Leakage (MFL) Brushes. Fiberbuilt Brushes provide maximum density possible and pull out strength that is 200 % greater than competitors.

Fiberbuilt pencil brush is available in custom lengths, various end-fitting diameters, and wire diameters from 0.006” to 0.040”.
Fiberbuilt Pencil Brushes are versatile, they can be used as a stand alone product or assembled in different substrates for a variety of assemblies. Adjusting the Pencil Brush population allow you to dial in the density required for Inline Inspection (ILI) applications.

Can Brushes

Fiberbuilt produces MFL can brushes using spiral coil brushes welded onto a core. This allows for a slightly denser brush, ensuring a high performing MFL brush, while allowing for easier placement and removal from the pipeline inspection tool and precise ID control.

Coil Brushes

Fiberbuilt produces spiral coil brushes in OD sizes ranging from 2″ to 52″. Fiberbuilt Magnetic Flux Leakage (MFL) are precision manufactured to hold dimensional tolerances.