Fiberbuilt Seals

The patent pending Fiberbuilt composite seal provides a pig sealing solution that surpasses the performance of anything previously on the market.  Naturally flexible, the use of low friction steel brushes in the leading edge of the seal provides greater seal performance in a wide variety of pipeline conditions and in a range of pipeline diameters.  The seals are not affected by changes in pipe schedule or wall thickness and are flexible enough to traverse many pipeline defects (dents, welds, sharp corners) that would otherwise render the pipeline “unpiggable.”

Unlike traditional urethane pigs, the Fiberbuilt pig seal is designed to operate across a wide range of pipeline inside diameters.  The 4-inch pigging seal is designed to operate in pipelines from 3.5 inches inside diameter through 4.5 inches inside diameter.

Our seals have been tested on multiple pipelines, and have proven to reduce drag and can be easily modified for multiple environments.

To learn more about the Fiberbuilt Seal assembly, and it’s proven results, review our published study.

Performance of Fiberbuilt Low-Drag Seal Assembly
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