Innovative & Powerful Pipeline Solutions

Fiberbuilt Pipeline Solutions has the ability to design and manufacture pipeline inspection guagues (PIGs) for multiple applications, including, batching, cleaning, and de-watering.

The Fiberbuilt difference comes from our innovative and unique brush technology and our patent pending Fiberbuilt pigging seals. We have the capabilities to not only custom design any size of pipeline inspection gauge, but also the ability to develop the PIG with particular capabilities to meet specific environment specifications. All of Fiberbuilt pipeline inspection gauges are designed for easy and efficient use, for low-drag, and for improved performance, compared to current conventional PIGs in the market.

For quantifiable, data factual findings, and additional information regarding Fiberbuilt pipeline cleaning pigs, and Fiberbuilt seals, please feel free to review our two public research papers, found below.

Fiberbuilt Manufacturing Inc has presented our new pipeline pigging solutions and findings at two conferences:

  1. NACE-NAWC- February 2017 (Edmonton, AB)
  2. PPIM- March 2017 (Houston, TX)
NACE: Removal of Deposits from Pipeline Corrosion Pits
PPIM: Performance of Low Drag Seal Assembly

Our Fiberbuilt pipeline experts will be happy to answer any further questions that you may have regarding results, or custom solutions for your pipeline. We look forward to working with your tool development and engineering group to develop and adapt existing Fiberbuilt pigging technology to meet your specific needs.