Effective Pit Cleaning Pipeline Inspection Gauges

The patented Fiberbuilt Corrosion Pit Cleaning Brushes have been specially designed to clean corrosion pits in the pipeline wall.  The pencil brush style construction of these brushes allows the brushes to be located and oriented in the optimum position to penetrate deep into the corrosion pits and remove the maximum sludge and deposits from the pit cavity.  Effectively cleaning these pit deposits will improve the entire corrosion mitigation program by allowing the applied chemicals to more effectively clean and inhibit in the vicinity of and within the corrosion pits.

Through independent 3rd party testing, the Fiberbuilt pit cleaning brushes were shown to provide the best corrosion pit cleaning performance available in the market today.  The optimized brush geometry and construction was shown to effectively clean more deposits from deeper pits across corrosion pits ranging from 4.8 mm (3/16 inch) up to 19.1 mm (3/4 inch) in diameter.

Read our comprehensive pit cleaning study presented and published by NACE International for explicit data and results of how the new Fiberbuilt Pit Cleaning Pig can be the next solution for your pipeline.

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