Pipeline Cleaning Solutions

The Fiberbuilt pigging platform provides a high performance pigging solutions for all aspects of upstream maintenance pigging.  The Fiberbuilt flexible seal geometry which accommodates a wide range of dual and multi-diameter pigging requirements is available as a component that can adapted to any pipeline pig.  The Fiberbuilt seal is capable of high temperature and severe chemical service including H2S, CO2, H2, Bitumen, Diluent, sand and solids, Aromatics; virtually any upstream oil and gas effluent.

Fiberbuilt has a long history of developing the highest performance brush products for the pipeline industry.  Fiberbuilt has developed a patent pending pipeline cleaning brush specifically designed to clean corrosion pits – cleaning deeper and removing more deposits than was ever possible before.  Properly cleaning corrosion pits allows under-deposit corrosion (UDC) and microbially induced corrosion (MIC) to be mitigated and addressed more effectively.  Once the corrosion pits have been cleaned with the Fiberbuilt corrosion pit cleaning system, the applied batch inhibitors and further cleaning agents (surfactants) can be more effective.  Increasing the effectiveness of pit cleaning will reduce the cost of these mitigation programs and increase the effectiveness – leading to fewer pipeline leaks and failures and extending the safe operating life of your pipeline assets.

The patent pending Fiberbuilt composite seal provides a pigging seal with the lowest drag and wall forces available today.  The low drag of the Fiberbuilt seal allows for pipelines to be serviced without the negative effects of increased line pressures and the internal coating damage that can occur through the use of traditional urethane pigs.  The Fiberbuilt seal provides a sealing solution that is flexible and tolerant to many pipeline inside diameters, and is adaptable to virtually any chemical or temperature environment.

Review our Pipeline Cleaning Research Study for more information.

Performance & Analysis of a new Fiberbuilt Pipeline Cleaning PIG
Fiberbuilt can create virtually any pipeline cleaning brush you can imagine, compatible with any pipeline fluid and operating conditions including high temperatures. Contact us today, to inquire or get a custom quote.