One of our incredibly talented engineers, Dan Fletcher, has recently presented at the 2017 NACE International Western Conference in Edmonton, Alberta.

The presentation consisted of data and field trials of a new Fiberbuilt Cleaning Pipeline Inspection Gauge, that has proven over multiple trials and passes to clean, much more efficiently that the current cleaning Pigs in the market.

The current Pigs that are available to remove deposits and get deep into the corrosion pits have on average a cleaning ability of 25% (of the diameter of the corrosion pit) and furthermore, the multiple passes of the current cleaning Pigs on the market do not statistically prove any cleaning benefit when multiple passes of the Pig occur.

Fiberbuilt has engineered a pit cleaning pig that has the ability to clean corrosion pits with a 50-70% improvement, and statistically has proven that our Pig has the ability to clean deeper and better with multiple passes.

For all the data, and more information on the new Fiberbuilt pit cleaning pig please click here or below .