Pipeline Solutions

Through Fiberbuilt’s ever growing innovation, we have the ability to design and manufacture exceptional and upgraded pipeline inspection gauges (PIG’s). The pipeline inspection gauges that we design are able to offer flexibility, and a thorough clean that can penetrate into the smallest of pits to dislodge black powder and grime, as well as being strong enough to remove scaling.

Using our pencil brush and strip brush technology we can ensure; increased wire mass, increased cleaning coverage, increase bend radius ability and durability, which can in turn lead to longer runs and increased flow rates.

Fiberbuilt’s ability to custom design, and innovate (including multi-diameter solutions) at a competitive price, is the perfect solution for your business. When settle for inventory brush systems when you can have a custom or Fiberbuilt innovative solution.

pipeline solutions
pipeline solutions
pipeline solutions

We prides ourselves on new technology, new ways to think beyond, and stretch the limits of what is possible.

We create value that is uncontested, and a products that are efficient.

We honor our promises and take pride in the work that we do.