Wood Industry Brushes

Fiberbuilt has the ability to engineer and make multiple different wood industry brushes including Kiln Baffle brushes, water spray brushes, and conveyor brushes that allow your wood manufacturing to be consistent, and perfect each and every time.

Kiln Baffle Brushes

Fiberbuilt understands that uneven airflow leads to inconsistent product quality and unpredictable drying time. It is seldom that standard style metal baffles ever sit tight against the top of a load to effectively restrict airflow.

Fiberbuilt is pleased to offer two different kiln brush baffles to combat oxidization, bend recovery, set resistance and solvency resistance in standard and high temperature kilns.

The Fiberbuilt Kiln Brush Advantage:

• Even seals = even drying • Lower maintenance costs
• Easy installation • Easy replacement
• Not prone to damage • Flexible