Strip Brushes

Strip brushes are highly versatile and very economical brush. The unique construction of a strip brush allows the brush to conform to various designs: coiled, cylindrical, formed, external ring, helical, internal ring, and straight. There are various applications for the strip brush, to name a few:

Door Seal
Conveyor Belts
Static Removal
Product Guards
Kiln Baffles
Anti-Spray Curtain
Silk Screens
Light or Vapor Barrier
Street Sweeping
Pipeline and Wellbore
Water Flicking

At Fiberbuilt we use corrosion resistant wire for our strip & double band strip brushes. A set of forming wheels fold and press the fill materials into aluminum, steel or stainless steel channel and then two high-pressure rollers crimp the channel closed to form the strip. Metal crimp / strip channels are used extensively in spiral wound or straight strip brush applications.

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