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Fiberbuilt manufactures and designs multiple different kinds of push brooms for every situation. Shop our variety below, or if you would like a custom brush, please contact us.

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Choosing The Right Broom

When choosing the right push broom, the fibers play an extremely important part. You want to make sure you have the right fiber for the right environment, so the job can be done effectively and efficiently.

Polypropylene Fibers – provides you with excellent durability and versatility. This particular fiber will not absorb moisture and can be used in temperatures up to 225F. These fibers have excellent stiffness in water and are great with oils and waxes too.

PVC Fibers – these fibers are resistant to most acids and are typically used in variety of washing applications. PVC fibers are excellent with oils and waxes, and will withstand temperatures up to 149F.

Tampico Fibers – tampico fibers have a high tolerance to high temperatures and acids. Tampico fibers are great for polishing, buffing, cleaning, and work well on their own or with other fibers. Tampico fibers will not hold stiffness in water, and can withstand up to 283F.

Horsehair Fibers – are extremely durable and resilient.  They can withstand temperatures up to 370F, and are ideal for polished or smooth surfaces.

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