Pencil Brushes

Pencil brushes are densely packed and available in custom lengths, end fitting diameters, wire / filaments types and diameters. A very versatile and strong brush for various applications including: abrasive cleaning, MFL inspection and pipeline cleaning.

Fiberbuilt can assemble pencil brushes into a multitude of curved, flat and ring brush block assemblies or they can simply be used in a replaceable cartridge system. The strength of the wire retention and block assembly process, provided by our patented manufacturing process, is unsurpassed.

There is no soldering or bending of wires in the pencil production or block assembly process; as such, there is no blooming or flaring of the tuft, particularly for larger diameters. Fiberbuilt does not grind the ends to trim wire pencil brushes, since grinding causes heat distortion can change the specified wire properties.

Fiberbuilt has the capability and the technical knowledge to design and manufacture a custom pencil brush to your exact requirements and specifications.

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