Marine Brushes

Fiberbuilt brushes can help you tame the ocean, whether you’re working on the boat or in the factory! Our  Fiberbuilt deck brush is excellent for scrubbing down decks, boat interiors and hulls, while the 6214 upright track broom with steel chisel will remove any barnacle. We’ve got a brush for every situation!

For commercial fishermen,  twin bladed squeegee will get rid of water quickly, while the Fiberbuilt Cotton Wet Mop can clean up the scales. When your ship is in dry dock, our custom-made pencil brush rotary barnacle brush is a must!

Fiberbuilt  also manufactures clam, cockle, mussel and snail cleaning brushes, as well as marine screen cleaning brushes with different brush filaments depending on how soft or stiff you require the brush.

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Custom Marine Brushes

With Fiberbuilt’s advanced technology and skilled engineers we have the capabilities to design and develop any custom brush that you may require for your unique situation.

Contact us with your inquiry, and one of our specialists will be happy to assist you.

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