Food Processing Brushes

Food processing brushes have applications in the cultivation of livestock, poultry, fish, baking, and crops.

Fiberbuilt produces a wide variety of brushes for agricultural and food processing. Please contact Fiberbuilt today to discuss your specific application.

Strip Brushes

Fiberbuilt produces brushes found in every area of a commercial bakery: bun and pan brushes, Talon Hook brushes, guiding brushes, ingredient application, oven and conveyor cleaning, and so much more. Fiberbuilt has the capabilities and the technical knowledge to design and manufacture any brush necessary for food processing.

Conveyor Brushes

Conveyor brushes can be the perfect item that your food processing line needs. To help card product carefully and prevent contamination.

Custom Brushes

Fiberbuilt has the capacity to engineer and make any custom brush that you require. Give us a call, to place an order or to discuss a custom solution for you, and one of our specialists will be happy to assist you.

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