Conveyor Cleaning Brushes

Choose from a variety of conveyor cleaning brushes.

Spiral round brushes and strip brushes are the most popular to help keep your conveyor running smoothly, however if you do not see something that you require, please do not hesitate to contact us. Fiberbuilt has the technical knowledge and capabilities to work with you, and design a custom brush that suits your needs.

Spiral Round Brushes

conveyor cleaning brushes - strip brushes

Fiberbuilt® manufactures a variety of brushes such as the Screen Brush featured on the left.


Designed for high speed applications that require constant brush pressure and contact for thorough cleaning. Excellent for removing dried, sticky or hard-caked accumulations. Available with various pitches of coils to configure the density of the brush to the cleaning application.


Strip Brushes

conveyor cleaning brushes - strip brushes

Strip Brushes also have a variety of uses from cleaning, scraping, applying or removing materials, etc. Metal backed brush strips are used where a power source is not available or where the area for installation is very restricted. GREAT FOR CONVEYOR BELT CLEANING!