Construction Brushes

Fiberbuilt offers a variety of construction brushes for all areas of building and maintenance.

From push brooms, to kalsomine brushes, mansonry brushes, concrete finishing brushes and so much more, Fiberbuilt has your industrial and residential construction needs covered. Whether finishing your concrete flatwork, splashing on the last coat of stucco or sweeping up drywall, sawdust or gravel, selecting the right brush style and material is essential for getting the job done right the first time. Let Fiberbuilt help your construction company select the best brush to increase efficiency, profits and safety on the job site.

Custom Construction Brushes

Tough jobs require tough brushes. Fiberbuilt has the capability and the technical knowledge to design and manufacture a complete custom brush for your construction needs.

If you have an industrial application that requires ‘that certain type of brush’, or if you think ‘a brush could work’ please contact Fiberbuilt today, or fill out the form below. For over 50 years, Fiberbuilt has been exposed to all types of brush applications, from the obvious to the bizarre. Let us work with you to create a quality and effective solution.