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Professional results demand professional equipment. For applying a non-slip finish to a newly complete concrete surface you need the right brush/tool for the job. Fiberbuilt has a wide selection of concrete finishing brushes that can help you get the job done right the first time. Contact us and let one of our specialists help you find the perfect brush.

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Concrete Finishing Tips & Tricks

How can a broom/brush help you level concrete?

When you drag a broom across semi-hardened concrete it allows you to create a texture that is rough, which can prevent slipping. If you are dragging the broom or brush across the almost hardened concrete and the concrete starts to pile up on the bristles, it may not be dry enough. Make sure you smooth the area again, and wait a little bit longer before running the broom across it again.

When you’re done finishing the concrete, with your broom or brush texture, cover it with plastic or keep it moist by sprinkling it several times a day for about a week. This slows the drying process and in the end will help your result in a more durable slab of concrete.

Choose the broom that is best for your project above, or contact one of our specialists to help you select the brush that is best for you.


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