Automotive Brushes

Fiberbuilt has a wide variety of innovative auto care brushes designed to keep your cars, trucks and commercial vehicles clean inside and out. Our brushes are all 100% safe for the intended surfaces, and our wash brushes are feather tipped for a no scratch clean. Find everything you need from heavy duty commercial vehicle brushes to fine automotive detailing.

Selecting the right type of brush will protect your vehicle from damage, with unsurpassed strength and durability. If you have any questions or would like help selecting the right brush, please contact us or fill out the form below.

Custom Automotive Brushes

Vehicles require the perfect brush, with the perfect density, size and shape to get the job done right. Fiberbuilt has the capabilities and the technical knowledge to design and manufacture a complete custom brush for your automotive needs.

If you have an industrial application that requires ‘that certain type of brush’, or if you think ‘a brush could work’ please contact Fiberbuilt today, or fill out the form below. For over 50 years, Fiberbuilt has been exposed to all types of brush applications, from the obvious to the bizarre. Let us work with you to create a quality and effective solution.

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