Brush Materials

Fiberbuilt supplies a variety of natural and synthetic fibers and metal wire for numerous functions and applications.

Generally speaking, brushes can be characterized as fine, medium, or coarse; however, there are many variables that will determine what the best fiber for the brush application will be. Below are some of the characteristics to consider when selecting an appropriate brush fiber:

Abrasion Resistance
Bend Recovery
Chemical resistance
Fatigue and Flex Resistance
Tensile Strength
Water Absorption
Flicking (spring) Action
Heat Resistance
Melting Point
Polishing Ability
Scratch Resistance
Set Resistance
Solvent Resistance
Specific Gravity
Sun Light and UV Resistance


With the wide variety of brushes that you can purchase or use, it is imperative that you have knowledge when selecting the right brush with the right fiber for optimum results.

In general terms sweeping and general cleaning tasks can be completed successfully with fine, medium or coarse (heavy) brush fibers depending on your preference, however there are situations where chemical or heat resistance can play a factor and can govern the brush fiber that should be used.

See below for further information and detail as to which fiber, might be the best for your requirements.

For any questions or concerns please contact Fiberbuilt and we will be happy to help you select the correct brush for your application.

Fiber Properties & Chemical Resistance

Brush Materials | Fibers & Applications

brush materials
brush materials
brush materials