Fiberbuilt provides you with the most durable, and best performing golf range mats in the market. Over 5000 of the world’s finest facilities rely on Fiberbuilt to provide their golfers the performance of a fairway while practicing in addition to unmatched durability & aesthetics.

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Wherever golf is practiced: Fiberbuilt is there!

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Swing Down & Through with Fiberbuilt Grass

Fiberbuilt golf range mats allow you to practice hitting from a mat, while keeping your ball flight numbers as close to real fairway grass as possible. With Fiberbuilt products there is no club bouncing off the turf, and has also proven a reduced risk of injury. Fiberbuilt grass is the only artificial golf hitting surface that allows golfers to swing down and through with their irons, giving the golfer pure ball contact and the truest feel of the fairway. Fiberbuilt grass has been specifically engineered for durability, and will withstand over 300,000 swings before it shows any wear.

A Golf Mat For Everyone!